Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where do I start?  I am happily divorced with two grown children,both with children of their own.  I currently live with my boyfriend of 12 years.  The last five years have been a real toll.  I am not writing this to impress anyone,I just want to vent my frustrations.  Along with my bf his sister lives with us.  What joy I have with her(not).  She doesn't work at all,so ofcourse she pays no bills.  I am self employed now and depending on the economy depends on how well I make money.  My bf works like a dog making sure we have what we need to cover our bills.

We have fights like everyone else,but lately I have had it with his hollier than thou crap.  He thinks he is always right.  For example he believes everything we have bought since moving in together is his because he bought it.We pool our money together to pay for things.  We. have bought cars and furniture but for some reason it`s all his.  Lately when we fight he is screaming at me is not happy,so I offer to move out and him and his sisted can be miserable together. He then says how you going to leave  those are my cars.  I know this sounds like I am complaining which I am to an extent,but who else can I confide in?